Thursday, January 1, 2015

Do you BELIEVE it?

Before I was even beginning to think about getting a new yearly word for 2015, the word BELIEVE started to stick out to me for some reason. For a few months in advance, even if the actual word wasn’t used the feeling I got inside or that little voice in my head whispered, ‘just believe’. An example of that was while reading the simple parable of the lilies of the field & how they are made to bend in the wind rather than breaking. I got to thinking how they are also anchored securely in the ground and I thought to myself, I too need to remind myself where I am rooted!! (Matt. 6:25-34) It’s not just having head knowledge but having heart knowledge of where my strength comes!

 Ok, so I digress.... 'Believe what?', you may ask. You already know I am a person of faith & if you know me even better you are aware that for the past 3 years I have been on a different, special kind of spiritual journey. Keeping focus. It started with joy, then peace, then hope. And each year I think that nothing can top the year before. Not to mention, I never know when this exercise will have run its course. So I must say I was rather relieved when it seemed I would be given another this year. It’s like unwrapping a present over and over again all the while having the same 'ahhhhhhh’ moment when doing so.
  For the person that has ever questioned whether God can speak to you, you might wonder what in the world does this look like? Are you hearing thundering voices? haha  Probably not..
  In my experience this is how it goes...and I felt inclined to journal it because well, it was just so cool! These are merely the highlights. There were many, many other times BELIEVE has crossed my path over the past few months. (I'd also like to add that if I go 'trying' & 'looking' I never come across anything! It is always when I least expect it!!)

  Dec.2 ~I prayed that if this was something God wanted for me again to help me grow then to be please be clear about it.  I had this inkling about BELIEVE but with the upcoming holiday season I wanted it to be clear that it was from Him and not just my own impatience.  I also was concerned that in my own 'wanting something to happen’ I might think this was it because I was seeing it so much in relation to Christmas and Santa.  Well, the very next day through one of my daily devotions I got this post having ALL my yearly words in it AND 'believing’.  As I read it I gasped & covered my mouth in astonishment..I have no recollection of ever hearing this quite like this before.   

Not only that but right after I’d sent it to show my friend, as we chatted I scrolled down facebook to see a random ad about making a special kind of bread with the word BELIEVE capitalized in the description so big that it could not be overlooked!!!

My friend told me that if I saw a billboard with BELIEVE on it, I would definitely know for sure! lol I told her I hoped I wasn’t driving at the time or I might run off the road!!!  The next day, there were no billboards (although I was on the lookout for them!) but as I walked through the movie isle in the store what caught my eye but one called BELIEVE!!

 Dec 5~Walked into the one of the rooms at the medical center today with my mom and what is straight in front me...a big sign with a snowman and only one word....BELIEVE!

Dec 12~ I walked into J.C. Penney today and what greets me just inside the door but a display of bath towels that have Believe on them!!! Bath towels? Really?  Not holiday-ish either!!  I just stood there and stared at them. lol Then later at JoAnns was a plain BELIEVE sign that also was not holiday-ish.

After a couple years of talking myself out of it, I felt compelled to finally buy the Eat-N-Park mug with their Christmas tree commercial depicted on it...but as I was looking at it I just kept thinking how sometimes things are hard & we might struggle but if we hang in there our light (and ultimately God’s light) would shine in us...we just had to believe in what we know.

Dec 13~ I was awakened quite early and couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to just get up. I love doing my bible reading while it's still dark and so quiet. AND when I picked up my Bible and opened it there was one of my HOPE bookmarks on that page! The thing is for some reason I turned it over and you know what it said on the other side of that bookmark? .....BELIEVE! I just sat here and looked at it and chuckled...I had never really noticed it before.

Dec 19~ Got a catalog in the mail with CLEARANCE ITEMS boldly printed on the front. That in itself got my attention because I’m a bargain shopper....when there was a little birdie figurine sitting on a rock saying Believe I thought it was neat. But then as my eyes moved a bit I was really taken aback when I saw this necklace....

Who puts these 2 words together? Last year’s word HOPE along with BELIEVE....hmmmmm

As I turned the page this also stuck out like a sore thumb!!! How can you miss that blue book on a page of browns?

Dec. 20~  This article came across my desk....pretty self explanatory I think.  It's called If 2014 Tried You or Tested You, Do this (you can click on it to read it)....It was not only the story but the words used...I don't usually even read many articles online but for some reason I did this one.

Dec 22~ I stopped at the local flower shop to pick up a balloon for a friend. There it was in the middle of the room on a display sitting on an easel:  BELIEVE: Live like you mean it!  YES! That’s it! That's what I've been feeling!! 

On swagbucks, my search engine, they give you a code to type in for extra points..Usually it's something like Switch to Progressive Insurance but this day it was BELIEVE in yourself!!!! NEVER HAD ANYTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE!!

 Dec 30~ I didn’t quite realize the extent of what all I’d seen & read in the Dec. 20th reading until today when I realized upon seeing this picture that there is a website called I BELIEVE (look in the corner of the picture!)  

Ok, I will be the first to admit what this all might sound like to someone else...Call it crazy, delusional, a little 'off' maybe even strange. LOL  I'm sure I've been called much worse. And IF it is just my overactive, childlike imagination I am no worse off than I was before. In fact, I feel like I'm better for it. My approach to the day & the stresses of life have so improved.  What IF, maybe, just maybe God IS talking to me?  I choose to BELIEVE He is.

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