Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The year long facebook experiment

I’ve waited with anticipation for opening my little bowed jar. I was writing down anything good that happened through the year as per a recommendation on a facebook post. Not only the obvious ones like surprise gifts, compliments or accomplished goals, but ones not so obvious like the beauty of nature, LOL moments, things that give you warm fuzzy or perhaps a moment that makes you go, 'awwwww’.
   I haven’t allowed myself to peek in or to count how many paper slips I had in there because I wanted it to be a surprise for me as I waited for the New Year’s ball to drop.
  Then it was time. I read each one remembering & reliving each moment which also spurred me to recall ones that I hadn’t written down. They brought a smile to my face for a second time which was pretty cool. 
  While there were little surprise gifts, encouragements & compliments sprinkled throughout the paper snippets I was kind of surprised that there was an equal number of what might be considered the ‘lesser’ things.
  It made me chuckle when I felt inclined to write that Zoey, the big white dog, made it through another vet visit without having to be muzzled (she'd been so scared once they had to) or that I was able to lift a 40 lb bag of dog food (something my hand issues have prevented me from doing for over a year). Getting to make a fairy garden. Valentines hidden throughout the house. A thinking of you card. Seeing fireworks. Getting a new word of focus for 2015.
  There were talks & visits with friends, getting to go to a city wide yard sale also with a friend, traveling to be with our daughter & grandgirls, lunches with my mother-in-law & breakfast dates with my dad, getting to spend a lot of extra time with a brother. Noticing my husband smiling more.
   All in all there were 57 total! So I had a reason to smile at least once a week for an entire year! And something else that occurred to me was that when you make the conscience effort to ‘keep track’ you are more mindful & appreciative of those moments too...I also realized that, for the most part, everything I wrote included someone wasn’t the actual stuff that gave me those wonderful moments, it was the people and all the 'stuff’ that money can’t buy!!
   While doing this little facebook experiment probably is not as exciting as opening Al Capone’s vault, it was a lot more productive!! haha
  What a blessing!! That might just be on my first paper nubbin for 2015!

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