Thursday, December 25, 2014

Fast forward a couple months

     My word for the year is ‘hope’ and lest we forget, ‘with a side of serenity’.   I should not be, however I am always a little surprised in some ways how God has been able to stretch & grow me into someone better than I was before through the words He’s chosen for me. (oh yes, if this is the first you are hearing about God choosing a word for me this was my 3rd year & I am already equipped with next years which will be revealed soon!)
    Early on in the year hope became something bigger than I even imagined.  It took on a whole new meaning.It was no longer the dictionary version meaning to desire with expectation of fulfilment or to wish but a motto of sorts for my year. HOPE=Hang On Pain Ends.
    This is my second full year of excruciating, debilitating pain in my thumbs/hands so even the thought of this was encouraging! I have had a renewed positive outlook on the whole deal even though without having a crystal ball I still didn’t know what that might mean for me.
    The same week I got my nails done the end of April in an attempt to take those positive thoughts by the proverbial horns, a sequence of events also led me to have an epiphany.  Even though I had consulted with our chiropractor, a theraputic massage therapist & our naturopath they were all out of ideas & approaches.  And the one time I went to the medical dr, he gave me no help besides the condescending & ignorant comment of ‘you are of an age when these things happen’...That made it sound like I was destined to accept this as the status quo and that was unacceptable to me! Deep down I just knew better!
   Longer story just a little shorter, it does seem likely that it was because of the night guard that had been prescribed to me that was causing my issues!!  I had been faithfully wearing it for nearly 2 months prior (Oct 2012) to the hand problems starting and every month thereafter! (til April 2014) And it wasn’t the guard being the culprit exactly but rather the wonky way I was unconsciously holding my jaw when I wore it!! 
    As of this day of writing I am still not totally pain free (it’s taking time to reverse the damage done over the course of 18 months) but for some reason I remain hopeful that with still another week left in this year, maybe I’ll get to start fresh!!!
  You know what’s really something? My “Hang on Pain Ends” motto carried with it more than in referance to my obvious physical pain...Little did I know I had yet to see what else God had in store for me.....healings that I’d never dreamed were possible! stay tuned!! That’ll be coming up very soon!!!!

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