Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do you see what I see?

Who of us as children did not play this game? I for one remember doing this with my parents on long car trips or rainy days at home.
Now we have the opportunity to win a Do You See What I See book! The newest one is Toyland Express AND it is signed by the author Walter Wick! Just in time for the holidays.
I don't have any kids, you might say....No problem! These books are fun for all ages. I love them in a quiet moment for myself, have bought them for my 80 year old mother that has dementia (it helps to stimulate her mind) and I've bought them as gifts for folks in the hospital or other times when they have to spend alot of time in bed.
If you too would like a chance at winning go on over to Mark it with a B blog for details. It's easy & worth the effort!

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