Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jump Into a Book!

What a great name for a blog! And how fitting as well....even as a kid that's how I thought of reading a good book! Jumping into a new and different world! You can 'go' anywhere when you read all from the comfort of your own little space. Stretching your imagination as you slay dragons, talk with fairies and mingle with the forest creatures. Now there's a great opportunity to win 19 wonderful books at Jump Into a Book!....Oh what a treasure this would be!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can you hear me now?

'When are you going to get a break', a friend would ask...'you need your rest', another would say. All things I knew of course, but oh so much harder to impliment.

Are you listening? I thought I was...but apparently not to the fullest extent that I should've. I'm trying, really I am. I'm doing so much better too!

By June mom had been moved to a rehab facility however things still weren't stress free, by any stretch of the imagination. And with that there were new challenges that were added to the mix. For instance her asking about going home, her anger, her adding nasty name calling to her repertoire (this is all the dementia/strokes talking, I must add! NOT my mom)

However we did get good news on another homefront. It was as if God said, "just to remind you, not that you doubt it, that I'm still on THIS case even when you are busy with the current one. I am still in control. I can perfectly multitask whereas you are only human!" And a gift was given by way of healing of another loved one with a serious health issue. After 2 1/2 months of having a nagging darkness in my heart, they got a clean bill of health! Ahhh the blessed relief! I had relied on Him in a very dark hour and he not only heard my prayer but had shown his mercy on us. (I would like to add here that I had turned it all over to God & I had a peace about things. However being realistic & in anticipation, you just never know how God is going to answer you, ya know?) Even now a month and a half later I get very choked up reliving that moment.

One night being so dog tired even though there was still plenty for me to do at the house I made myself go to bed at 9pm. After my evening visit with mom I would normally still come home working through my sleepiness, to do the dishes, clean the cat box...finding myself getting to bed at 11. But you see, I've always been a person that needs a good 9 hours sleep to function the next day! But I truly was trying to put into practice all that I was learning.

Wouldn't you know it, the next morning I felt SO much better! Sure my dishes weren't done, nor the sweeper run, but I felt better....

Shortly thereafter, I actually was able to take a day 'off' from all the stresses of my current life. You see, even when I'm not with my mom, I am doing something for her in some way..her laundry, dad's laundry, making food for him, picking up things for her, doing their bills, taking care of paperwork in addition to my own 'stuff'....And I must be clear, I am not complaining about doing these things. This is just stating facts as they are. My dear husband and I moved back here 5 yrs ago for the sole purpose of looking after my parents in the elder years rather than hiring a stranger.

But I digress...on this particularly day I got to visit with an old friend that I hadn't seen in 20 yrs, ate some of the best pizza in W. Pa (in my opinion) and got to go to a favorite shop of mine, the Sheltering Tree, in Freeport. I always find wonderful gifts for friends/family and many times they have an inspirational theme to them.

As I anxiously looked over the clearance shelves wondering what treasures I'd find, I saw lovely gift boxed coffee cups with scriptures scrolled on their fronts. They were all neatly stacked which is what initially got my attention to begin with...however then my eyes drifted down to the lone cup...It was the only one, sitting at the edge of the shelf. It was also the only one not in a box so the words on it were clearly visible.

I looked over my shoulder to see if anyone was nearby...'Did you hear that?', I thought to myself....I swear I think I just heard God talking to me, I chuckled to myself...

Oh you mean REALLY, "BE STILL"....why didn't you say so in the first place! LOL I can take a hint.....and every day I try to remind myself of that simple admonition.