Thursday, June 16, 2011

A work in progress....

I thought I had learned the lesson I was supposed to back in April. Relying on Him when serious health issues arise & letting go of unnecessary things. I have felt God whispering to me for months and I thought I got 'it'. Simplifying...I am beginning to see that that was just the beginning of my lesson.
Within a week's time from numerous sources, I heard a common theme....on a radio talk show, a friends comment, a sermon etc...and I'd think to myself, well isn't that interesting that there's this common thread in all the things going on around me & also in my mind. It culminated in an Oprah a-ha moment, while watching a Bible lesson on dvd. The whispers I'd been getting for the months prior, were to not think I had to do all the things that were asked of me. That I can't do everything for all people at all times! I know this concept is probably very clear to most people, but sometimes I can be slow.
It was explained that it's like having a row of empty boxes in front of us. Unfortunately we feel we have to fill each of those boxes..but it's ok not too! There are seasons in our lives where we can only fill a few of the boxes. It's not that the other boxes aren't worthy it's just that we sometimes have to choose which boxes to work with. That hit me like a ton of bricks and made me teary at the relief it gave me.
I felt lighter after that...seriously...there was a burden lifted from my shoulders.
Good thing too because I got to put into practice my new 'tools' if you will....May 2 my mom went into the hospital after having suffered a heart attack and numerous mini-strokes! Perhaps the months since then were just to be another tier, building on that original lesson? You be the judge as the story unfolds....

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