Saturday, March 26, 2011

As time goes by....

Do you remember when you were a kid and summer vacations seemed to last forever? How about the 2 weeks you got for a Christmas break? It seemed to stretch for so long that some kids (not me, however) could actually get bored & their parents were glad for them to go back to school!

My DH (dear husband)and I got to spend 12 glorious days in WA state with our daughter, son-in-law, and two of the most beautiful and smarter than average, granddaughters! (ya-ya you'll have to live with that last comment because I'm a proud Oma! Ü)
The first day or two I thought OK the pace doesn't seem too bad and we are going to be able to luxuriate (is that a word?) in this slow pace & savor every moment. No sooner did I have those thoughts did it seem like time did a fast forward to when we had to leave! Yikes!

Why does it do that when we are together with loved ones? Thank goodness I have pictures to keep track of many of our 'moments'.

One theme that seemed to overtake this trip was birthdays. DH celebrated his 51st while there and our girls surprised him with a Toy Story themed party. Well sure not your typical party for a grown man but hey, they had the plates & other accessories (which included sheriff badges) at Walmart! And since we are known for marching to the beat of a different drum anyway, it was fitting that he didn't have a regular birthday either. He got instead, his favorite cream horns stacked on top of each other! Then he was serenaded with the Happy Birthday song on the keyboard by J, the 6 year old!
My 50th birthday isn't until May so you can imagine my shock at having a surprise Harry Potter themed birthday in March! Well, since the kids couldn't be with us in May, they decided to have it while we were there! This was just awesome. I was a little kid the last time I had anything close to this. I even got a hand-made bedazzled OMA shirt! And to top it off our dear friend of over 25 yrs, was visiting from Spokane way that made it all the more special.

To keep the ball going we decided that we'd get the little girls their April birthday presents while we were there to enjoy seeing them with it! I took them outside blindfolded while their Opa brought the battery operated four-wheeler around to the back of the house. What a hoot it was to see them driving along then holding their arms up like you do on the downhill on a rollercoaster!!! It only goes a max. speed of 5 mph so they were safe!
We got to go to Roslyn, WA where they filmed the show Northern Exposure. This was always a family favorite show as it took place in the fictitious place of Cicely, Alaska. We ate at the Brick restaurant, walked in Dr. Fleischman's office and strolled through Ruth Ann's General store...Also got to see where "Chris in the morning" dj'd on KBHR radio.

DD bought baby chicks to raise for eggs. This delighted not only the little girls but also quite intrigued their Jack Russell, Linus.

We ate great food! I've been hearing for years how good pheasant was & we were finally able to get some and smoke it which was a culinary delight! In addition to all the other outstanding things our daughter prepared.

And let's not forget those quiet moments where we just sat & talked, read books, cuddled on the couch, napped, enjoyed movies,saw Mt. Rainier, had library day, shopped, took walks,played frisby (not so quiet I realize) etc.

Hmmm, in restrospect I guess it's really no wonder our time went by in the wink of an eye! We tried to stuff a years worth of love, hugs and memories into a mere 12 days!

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