Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shutterfly's free Christmas cards AND more

I love this time of year when other people take the time to write a yearly newsletter catching me up on their family "doings". I especially love reaching into the mailbox and finding that oblong envelope indicating a special photo card! They usually start after the first of Dec and it's like opening a present with each one! I love it!

And with that in mind, it was brought to my attention of Shutterfly's invitation to some free Christmas cards of your very own. Another gift for the upcoming season! Woo hoo!

Of course I have my favorites. I love to surprise people with special gifts so what better than a wrapped photo of your family? I love to unwrap presents and I'm sure other people do too!

Depending on my mood, there are times I am drawn to the simplicity of some cards like this one.You can be so creative with your picture taking and it doesn't have to be in your best Christmas sweater or in front of a decorated tree to get a beautiful holiday effect.
I have been writing a monthly newsletter for the past 9 years or so. Oh yes! The old fashioned snail-mail type where you put it into an envelope, add a stamp and take it to your mailbox, kind of newsletter! I started doing that when we were moving from Missouri and headed to Alaska. I had many friends that were in the local nursing home there and they wanted to keep up with our lives as we set out on a new adventure. I've always tried to make the newsletters, well,newsy and fun. Many of these folks had few visitors & probably little mail in this new age of computers and email. So pictures of various things brighten their day and give them something else to think about.
I try to get my newsletter out the first of each month kinda recapping the previous month so often our holiday pictures are taken as early as summer and as late as the end of November. That's why this card is one of my favs. Regardless of when you take your picture you can still add that feeling of snow, winter and Christmas!!!

Of course don't take my word for it for the most beautiful and fitting cards. Go here to see what all they have to offer and find one that suits your needs!
And don't forget these kinds of cards are awesome for birthday cards & thank yous and a whole lot more! Since our family is scattered throughout the U.S. my daughter regularly sends a thank you to family with her girls' holding the gift they'd been sent or standing with their birthday cake. Sooo much better than an regular thank you! And if cards and newsletter aren't your thing? Well there's something for you too! Make a calender that can be used all year long!!!
It's worth your time to check them out. Use your imagination & send folks something they'll really appreciate. Ü

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