Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our 24th wedding anniversary~Nov. 2

My dear husband wrote in my card, that our relationship may not have always been perfect but it was always "right". And how blessed we were that even all these years later we were more in love than we even were way back then. Who'da thunk it possible?

We spent the day traveling up north towards Cook Forest and Clear Creek State Park. Our main destination was to be Beartown Rocks at the latter. The GPS had taken us on a couple wild goose chases in the past couple days and this was to be no exception. Thank goodness we came upon a nifty gift shop with some folks that knew the area and they pointed us in the right direction.

Plus I saw this puppet and knew he had to go home with us. Ever since we lived in AK whereby the raven was a representative of the Tlingit clan, I have been fond of ravens. We also had them in Germany and they helped me not miss Alaska quite so much. In restrospect, I realized we also had them while living in S. CA but we'd given them the moniker of Dumpster Doves! LOL That was obviously years before I came to have an appreciation for them!

Beartown Rocks was a gentle little hike but gave us the opportunity for a few nice pics. I got to take advantage of that since our anniversary is the one time my dear hubby humors me when I want to take a ton...aside from trying to get the perfect shot for our Christmas card. I love the challenge of finding a rock, tree stump or bridge to prop the camera on and setting the timer, then frantically running to get in the picture!!

The day was the perfect temperature with some clear sunny skies, as we found a petting zoo, Amish furniture shops and a place to eat supper.

From all indications it seemed that most if not all the animals, had at one time been a pet in someone's home. Naughty,'d think in this day & age people would be smarter than that..

Here is Sara, a bobcat, that has been declawed and had her teeth filed down...apparantly after all that, as she grew bigger, she still wasn't a good housepet. Go figure!! She even had to get use to stepping on grass as she was use to carpet!! But when the lady came near the fence she came running as any loving cat would do so she could get her lovins'.

There was also this big cat that was in the black panther enclosure however he has the markings of a cheetah...very cool & funky looking. There were dozens of animals (fox, lemurs, cavies, goats, iguanas etc) including what had started out as a little turtle in a petshop that was now big enough for a small child to ride on, trekking around their beaten path.

I normally have issue with some of these places (housing wild animals that should be in the wild etc) but I'm glad they had somewhere to go after already being taken from their homelands. The place was clean and the folks working there really seemed to like being there & loved the animals as well.

After all the looking & shopping & washing our hands, we went to eat. We were so excited to find that the Farmer's Inn, served prime rib...Well we were in cow country, ya know....Being that it was our anniversary we didn't hesitate to pay the premium price for something we loved and rarely got. What a surprise when our charcoaled steak came to us with a slice of tomatoe & pickle on the side, plus the bottle of A1 sauce...What?!!! Where's the juicy very pink meat with aus ju sauce on the side...Nada! A bit disappointing I must say.....we ate the meal in relative silence. Not that it was bad mind you, it's just not what we were hungry for or expecting. As we chewed, we smiled at each other shaking our heads in knowing one point Stephen did add, Well a year from now this will be a funny story...just not so much now.

Then it kinda hit me. Although we'd had a beautiful day it may not be the flashy kind of anniversary day alot of people would expect. But that's the beauty of our's not the place you go or the food you eat that makes a day special, it's the people you share it with. And I wouldn't have wanted to share it with anyone else. Ü


  1. Sounds like a nice trip! Bri had one of the small turtles that turn huge... she had to leave it w/ her ex. I was always afraid of what would happen tho' when he got huge. :(
    Thanks for the plug on my giveaways!

  2. You are welcome! Ü
    Ya it's a real disservice of these places that sell these animals. IF they tell the buyer the animal will grow ALOT they don't tell them how much! Who'd think a 5 inch iguana could get to be 5 or 6 ft nose to tail?! And need a small room to live comfortably....Yikes.