Monday, October 11, 2010

Mouse antics & other useless information

Don't think for a moment that just because I haven't posted anything about the meeces that we are no longer having a good time with them...Oh contrare! They continue to be a source of entertainment here. Ya, ya, perhaps we should get out more but why leave the house when you have four cages of fun here!

The only real downside since writing last is that our little Chigger has gone blind in one eye. I'd noticed about 3 or 4 weeks after getting the original four, that her eye was kinda bulging. I thought perhaps she'd scratched it so I kept watch over her. As the days wore on the swelling went down to then be replaced with a milky film over her eye (much like I've seen with someone with bad cataracts). Then that changed to a little white dot right in the middle of her eye.

No need to feel too sorry for her though. It does not slow her down one bit. As a matter of fact she is one of the more active girls. And she continues to be one of the matriarchs of this entourage. Here she is praying over the rest of them the last day that the boys & girls were living together. Oh yes, ALL nine of the rest of them were huddled in there!

She is always involved, usually with Skunk & sometimes Halo in redecorating their cage. I think toilet papering their house was an attempt at early Halloween decorating!!! That was hysterical to watch her with just a little bit of paper left on a roll!

She is also the only one to take a daily stroll across their screen lid, upside down!!! Yep, I've seen some of the others try to shimmy up the wire that holds their zebra hanging bed, but Chigger's the only one to actually make it up then walk the entire length of the lid, holding on with her toenails! Almost like someone trying to get their 10,000 steps in a day.

About a week after I'd separated the boys from the girls I noticed that Pete, one of the white twins, seemed to be picking fights occassionally. One morning I barely had my eyes opened when it became clear that he was going to have to go to his own cage. Too much testosterone, I guess. Of course I had to be sure I had the right white twin, because he kept doing a switcheroo with his brother Re-Pete by running into their house! SOooo, I put green food coloring on a Q-tip and attempted to rub some on his back. I think it was about a week before he didn't run away from me every time I approached his cage!!! See I kid you not, he'd hide! See him peeking out of the skull nose? LOL

I know it may look like he's being punished but he's not. Although it's not exactly my choice in decor, it was donated to 'the cause'. And I must say it does make for a neat effect! LOL

About a week after this, his brother Willie Wonka also got a bee in his bonnet and thus he moved into his own cage too....He's a happy boy now. I noticed that the boys don't do near the decorating as the girls do but W.W. did make himself an extended igloo out of his little grass hut.

Oh and little Jonas and Re-Pete have continued to be fast friends. I regularly find them cuddled together. I hope it stays that way!

Would you believe I've had 2 different people show interest in adopting one of the boys? Yep, why now? Where were these people when I *might have actually been able to part with any of them! Initially (for like 30 seconds!) I was excited at the prospects but then I started to feel nauseas! LOL I know, you probably don't understand that...But after you have cared for these little guys feeding them scrambled eggs & doing everything in my power to make sure they were healthy & had a good life, I just couldn't chance them not having as good a life that I could give them. Thank heavens I have an understanding husband that feels the same when it comes to these kind of things. It was with his blessing that I told the folks that I couldn't part with any of them! To think I went from having one cage to clean & four mice to feed to cleaning 4 cages (much more time I might add) and 10 mice to feed. Oh ya, not exactly what I signed up for...but what in life is? You just gotta make the best of it sometimes.

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