Sunday, August 1, 2010

You're kidding right? NO, please tell me NO!

Remember those sweet little innocent mice I brought home on July 1? Uh-hem (clearing throat) well, on July 14th I noticed a change in Skunk's body shape. Just the day before I'd commented that we had nearly "made it". Even if one of the girls had gotten impregnated on the day I bought her she'd give birth by July 22 at the latest...Mice have a 21 day gestation period.
We were close but that only counts if you're playing horseshoes. I feebly hoped that perhaps she was just gaining weight with all the good food I was giving them. (hmmm flashback that SHE'S the one that quite easily takes food from my hand...well, duh, how many pregnant mother's DON'T eat all the time?!) But with each day it was apparant that she was going to have babies. From all the research I did, it confirmed that during the last week before delivery they would get the look of having swallowed a ping pong ball. Yep, that about sums it up.
But having her pregnant wasn't the scary part. What really got me was that she could have up to 20 little cherubs!! Uh-oh!! We might need to get a bigger cage!

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