Thursday, August 12, 2010

Woo Hoo! We got a couple little girls!!!

As I said before overnight things can change. On the evening of Day 9 I did my daily inspection on the baby mice. I couldn't believe my eyes! I could clearly see little nipples in a row, just as they should be...Clearly a girl! Woo Hoo! One down and 5 more to go. Then I check the second one....A girl! Now my hands start to shake with excitement, although it was shortlived....unfortunately that was it, the other 4 were boys. But hey, that's a couple less cages I'm going to have to get.

The girls~ Lilly on the top and Liesl on the bottom.

The boys~The one with the white diamond on his head is Jonas named by our 6 yr. old granddaughter. I'm waiting on the 3 yr old granddaughter's contribution now before naming any of the others.

I've tried handling them to get them use to human touch not only for myself but also for any potential adopter. Haha...I say that like I'm actually hopeful of finding any homes for these guys even though I've had almost no interest in them. A woman I met said her teacher husband might be interested for his classroom however that was a couple weeks ago and I've heard nothing.

I even showed pictures to a few teen boys at church and they just got a questioning look on their face as they wrinkled their noses & said, 'they just look like mice" and walked away..My response to them was, "and you call yourself BOYS?! You're suppose to love stuff like this"Tell me WHO wouldn't think these little faces are sweet?!

So I have just kept plugging along preparing for having a total of FIVE cages (that's 2 better than 7!!) in a room that's already cramped. The cages thus far have been donated to the 'cause' although I've had to buy screened lids for them..not to mention 'stuff' to go inside the cages. UGH!

I've also had to improvise since the biggest tank that will go to the 6 girls would not clean up to my satisfaction. So I painted it faux stained glass to cover up the unsightly stuff. For the first time using this medium I was pleased with the results although I doubt the girls will care or even notice.

By Day 15 the babies were starting to open their eyes. They also like crawling out of the nesting box but they didn't venture far. That was about to change!

Day 16 they all had their eyes open and they started 'popcorning' as they entered the 'flea' stage..This makes it VERY difficult to handle them. That is IF you can even get hold of them because they are sooooooooo fast. Have you ever seen a flea jump? That's exactly how they are if you're able to pick them up. They are so fast and jump without regard to safety! Yikes! They run hither and thither between the little buildings in the cage.

Needless to say, it's next to impossible to get much in the way of pictures now either, unless they are sleeping. Which by Day 17 they were ALL found piled up sleeping in the hanging zebra bed! Oh yes, all 10 are in there piled high on top of one another. It's got to be hot in there with all that body heat too!

At the age of 28 days the boys will have to be separated from the girls, so they only have a week left all together. Although I certainly didn't really want nor plan on this little adventure of mouse rearing, these little creatures surely have given us some quiet 'down' time added to our otherwise chaotic life. Taking a few minutes here and there to watch them has been plain old fun. And they've given us chuckles and outright laughter along the way.

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