Monday, August 2, 2010

Special Delivery

It's been interesting watching Skunk prepare for her new arrivals. I bought a wooden box with a cutout door in the front, that I hoped she'd use as a nesting box. The ceramic shoe already in the cage has a hole in the bottom and I could just imagine picking that up & having babies fall out! Not good.

I bought special fluffy cotton that I put in in hopes she'd use it as nesting material. Numorous times I saw her moving bedding around here and there but she really didn't seem to know what she was doing with it.

Then on July 21 at 8 am while working on the computer, I heard a squeaking! OMG! It's time! I tried to give her 'space' not staring at the cage (they say this can stress them out and they might hurt the babies) After an hour or so I tried to peak in the open door of the nesting box (which looks like a flat pyramid) I could see two little pinkies in there!! "Oh maybe that's all she'll have", I was thinking ....AND desperately hoping....

I have to add at this point, that during this time, Chigger & Moo were in the nesting box with Skunk. I called them her nursemaids. Halo however stayed outside the box running on the wheel as only Halo can do. Maybe she was pacing with worry? Actually I think of her kinda like that crazy, eccentric Aunt that everyone loves but she has the smell of too much perfume with a dab of medicinal brandy on her.

As I was hoping to get a picture of the pinkies through the door without disturbing anyone Chigger happened to see me looking. She walks out of the box with such purpose that I laughed out loud. As she stood on the outside by the door, she very strategically pushed bedding with her front paws, sometimes carrying some in her mouth too, TOTALLY barricading the open door, so that I couldn't see in! I couldn't believe it! And then after her job was done, she very innocently ran up into their hanging bed in the corner with Halo and went to sleep.

So within a mere 7 days from the time I saw Skunk's belly growing, we had a special delivery. Later in the day, I was able to very briefly lift the box to do a head count & to be sure everyone was ok.

Here they are four days old. I hadn't taken any pics the first day cause I was too nervous and didn't want to upset Skunk. Just picture them 4 days smaller which at this age is major!

Whew! There were only SIX! Now I was anxious to know if they were boys or girls!!!!

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