Monday, July 26, 2010

When the cat's away you bring mice home.

After the couple weeks of watching the caterpillars grow into butterflies, I felt really empty inside once we'd set them free. I hadn't realized how much time I'd spent watching them...Oh it was just a minute here or minute there, but it still adds up. Then Stephen started a new job that had him traveling throughout the work week and I REALLY felt out of sorts and lost. It was very strange. I mean, believe me, I have plenty to keep me busy. I am never bored! I haven't even had the time to do any of my hobbies either. In a three week time I had a whole 2 hours devoted to refinishing a bookshelf..yes, that's my kind of fun!
So one day after helping a friend learn to manuever the internet, I was driving past the pet store. Ok, so we won't even discuss here how I normally feel about buying dogs & cats at petstores...
For many weeks my dear husband & I discussed whether or not we should add to our critter family. We have greatly missed our pet ratties & the antics of small rodents. I would never buy an animal without considering all the ramifications of it nor would I do it on a mere whim. But I had done my homework & had my hubby's blessings..So that day, July 1, in a weak and lonely moment (LOL) I stopped. The mouse cage was overcrowded and there were actually little pinkies being stepped on in the cage by the others. I decided it was a rescue mission of sorts!! They had 4 girl cow mice (white with black spots like a cow) that they checked over in hopes of eliminating any of them from 'my' group if they suspected they were pregnant.
I brought Chigger (the smallest),

Halo (the most psycho jumping off of things nearly becoming an 'angel'),

Moo (with markings most like a cow)

and Skunk (who looked like a miniature skunk) home with me.

For the first day I had the 10 gal. aquarium sitting on my sewing desk behind me as I sat at the computer..but then I found myself constantly turning around to look at them!! I wasn't going to get anything done that way, so I rearranged furniture and now have them sitting right beside the computer. That way as I do my computer work I can glance over, not missing a moment of whatever they are doing.
They have been so fun! It's actually taken me by surprise and I've had small rodents all my life. Watching them run on their wheel has been hysterical...Oh ya, to see Chigger holding on for dear life (not running) as Halo runs turning them 'round & 'round...and as Chigger comes round Halo jumps over her like a hurdle!! Apparantly they don't have any inner ear issues with spinning like that. Chigger even walks straight when she gets off the wheel!
I am still working at getting them tamer. I'm finding it's taking longer to gain their trust compared to when we had ratties. It's a process, but a really fun one!

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