Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A house is not a home without a mouse!

So I guess "the girls" are getting settled in. They no longer run around willy nilly like they're lost and they seem to be getting more use to being the foursome. I often find them sleeping in their hanging bed. They are so sweet. I even have Skunk eating from my hand!
Not to mention the interaction of the other furry family members. Zoey the BWD (that’s Big White Dog) doesn’t seem overly interested in them at all...And only occassionally does the almost 15 yr old cat, Scout, care either...but when she does show interest it doesn’t seem to bother them. Mice by rights like peace & quiet and nothing to stress them out. But they really don’t seem to care when she’s there.

And when she does sit there it’s one of laid-back leisure not in a predatory mode. She will however lay close by almost standing guard over them...no really, I kid you not! LOL Course I couldn’t help captioning this picture, “Dear Lord, please let one of the mice get out of their cage. I will not hurt it, I only want to play with it a little bit. I promise. Amen.”

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