Monday, June 14, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun.....

.....and even when you're not! LOL I'm sorry it's been awhile since any updates. I didn't mean to be evasive or dramatic in my delay. Now I realize it's been almost 2 months since my "Enjoy the journey~Leap of Faith" entry. Oops! My bad!

With the summer months of course there's always lots going on. Our daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters were here for two weeks. Whew! It's hard to cram a years worth of love into two weeks!!!

Right after that it was found that I had a bone infection in my jaw & although I was still able to do obligatory things I was fighting fatigue & nausea every minute caused by the infection. A week ago I underwent dental surgery that got rid of the infection (which was worse than they anticipated) in addition to the antibiotics I had to take. I also had a bone graft, a first for me (I've had skin grafts in the past & may have to have more as a result of this surgery) which just happened to be from a cow! As you can imagine I have been the brunt of many, many cow and moo jokes! I was even presented with a lovely little cow bell that I will cherish!!! It has all been in fun though and I have also joined in....of course!!!! I made the joke that on the way home from surgery I didn't know whether to have my driver stop for ice cream or to indulge my sudden craving for grazing in the passing field!! Aside from the fact that I wouldn't recommend this if you can help it (the stitches are driving me crazy! and I miss being allowed to sleep on that side) we've had alot of fun with it all....

So I've had numerous ones ask what ever happened with the leap of faith issues...As you probably surmised that was all in reference to job opportunities for my dear hubby. Well, the one deadline that would've dictated us to recycle the toilet paper, came & went. We felt strongly that wasn't the way to go. And that very same week another opportunity came along that was nearly perfect. However they wouldn't need him for a couple months & there were details to be worked out before an official job offer would be given.....So, even though things look like they are moving in the direction we are hoping for we are still waiting......and honestly, we are learning a BIG lesson on patience...not only that, I have to add that we've given it over to God to work out, cause we certainly can't do it on our own. We have been so blessed in so many other ways the passed couple months, that we KNOW HE is working behind the scenes on our behalf. And each morning, he seems to remind us of that.

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