Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A mama no matter how small....

I hadn't realized that this much time had gone by & that I hadn't posted a follow-up to the situation in question...Well, that's because there hasn't been a definitive resolve to that issue yet. The one that had required an answer with a deadline, that would've encouraged us to recycle our toilet paper (that's a joke although only by a narrow margin) we said 'no' to. However we are still in limbo waiting for the answer to the bigger picture........stay tuned.
Now on to current life....well remember I said before we were going to strive to find the blessings in the little things...this is about as little as you can get.
Stephen was out working at downsizing the round bale of straw that sits out by our garden. He calls to me to 'come hurry cause you gotta see this!' I grabbed the camera and headed out.

When I get there he tells me that he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. It was a mama field mouse...How do we know it was a mama field mouse you ask? Because she had a bunch of babies nursing on her! Here they were in the middle of lunch when they were so abruptly interrupted by someone chopping away at their house!

I got a couple pictures of her before she hopped away...Poor little thing...here she is trying to get away from us (even though we kept our distance so-as not to cause her more duress) & she's dragging her babies behind her. At one point she dropped one which she then picked up in her mouth. She even scaled an old foundation to get away. Those babies had to be holding on for dear life!! We then saw that another one had lost his grip as well & he was left out in the hot sun.

My husband & I felt so badly. I immediately got a piece of toilet paper to gently pick him up and put him up on the foundation wall. The path his mother had made in the weeds there was at least in the shade, and we hoped his little squeaks could then be heard by her. Within 20 min., when we checked on him he was gone so we can pretty safely assume she retrieved him.

Now how often do ya get to see something like that?

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