Sunday, June 27, 2010

Diary of a Butterfly~Day 9

I was on the phone but otherwise sitting quietly in our sunroom when not only do I hear a rustling noise but motion caught my eye. It was all coming from the butterfly house! I looked in and one of the chrysalis was violently shaking from side to side! It was like it was possessed! I certainly wasn't prepared for that! I motioned for Stephen to come look and at first he felt sure it must be a breeze making it move. It was a very still day, I might add. As far as I knew they only move like this when they feel threatened by a predator but there was nothing even close to them. Not to mention this convulsion of sorts lasted at least 45 min! He must've been totally exhausted after all that. Unfortunately you'll have to use your imagination because I can't get my video to load right. Aarrgh! And I have my concerns for one of the others. He's literally hanging by a thread after all this commotion.

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