Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Diary of a Butterfly~Day 5

What a difference a few days make. Everytime I checked on them that morning, somebody was moving. And I knew they were eating well, (they don’t need water by the way) because not only were they getting fat, their untidy house was accumulating ‘frass’ (that would be caterpillar poop in laymen terms LOL It‘s the little pellet looking things stuck on the sides which at times were about the same diameter as the caterpillar! OUCH!)
So I guess it’s unfair to say they are untidy. This too, is also part of the plan. They actually spin this silk which allows them to move about more easily & protects them. They sure have moved around alot... Much to the chagrin of any visitors we have at the house!! As they are looking around they notice the movements in the cup which I have on a counter in the kitchen. (not on a counter where I prepare food, I might add) Well, I want to be able to keep check on them & they won’t get bumped there! Geesh! Ü
By mid-afternoon I noticed that a few of them were actually starting to hang upside down on the lid. Really, already? Could this be the beginning of them going into their pupal stage?
There was one guy however that I wasn’t sure he was going to make it. It was getting close to bedtime. All but this one was hanging there. This poor fella just couldn’t seem to get the hang of it. He was stretched out on the top & occassionally I’d see his head start to hang down, but it was as if he was afraid...Honestly, I kid you not! As he tried to do this he’d nudge his brother and grab hold of him as if saying, ‘How are you doing that? Aren‘t you scared of falling? Does it hurt?” He also had not fattened up like all the others so I kinda chalked it up to be developmentally challenged. They’re mine remember, does this really surprise you?!
But needless to say when I went to tell them the final goodnight my little vertically challenged caterpillar had finally figured it out. I could go to bed and rest easy.

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