Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is there something bigger going on here?

The past couple days I've been WE really pick our friends or is there divine providence at work there? Of course for this discussion to mean anything you have to exclude those folks that really don't think farther than their nose. Sorry, it's true & sometimes the truth hurts. These would be the superficial people that ONLY rub elbows with someone with as much or more money than they do, would only be seen with someone 'as pretty' as they are, wearing their designer clothes or that have a nice house. I have known people that have quite calculatedly chosen who they will be friends with because of how it would 'up' their own social status somehow..the 'what's in it for me' syndrome. Then again insodoing this, could you really consider them a friend? Not in my book.

If you look at our gaggle of friends you'd think, 'what in the world?!" Haha! Sure there are those that would draw no questions from you. It's evident, ie. those with similar interests, backgrounds etc...But it struck me this week of some of the other friends. We have those that if we wrote all their life's information on paper & just read their stats without ever meeting them, we'd be like "ummm, I don't think so... What would be the point?"

So I got to thinking deeper in respect to our 'not obvious' friends. Religious differences~check, political differences~check, sexual orientation differences~check, moral code differences~check . I mean, I'm talking MAJOR life differences! This isn't just because I like banana split ice cream and they like butter pecan. Across the board our differences are as vast as the ocean.

So what gives? Some of these folks we've known for 20 or 30 years! It's fascinating if you really ponder it. There's got to be something there, right? I mean, we haven't compromised our own belief system by any stretch. They know where we stand without it having to be hashed and rehashed in every conversation. And vice-versa, I might add.

I actually wanted to clarify what makes up a friend so I looked up the definition in the dictionary. It says, 'a friend is a person whom one knows well and cherishes'. Hmmm, really? There's no mention of similar interests or anything else we associate with friendship. Maybe I was just thinking too hard on it? I know I do analyze things to death sometimes. As I read that definition, I thought to myself I would add, "and loves us anyway". Maybe we really don't have to have anything more in common with each other than a mutual respect & loyalty for one another and in some cases perhaps plain old tolerance. (all of which are a two-way street)

Maybe divine providence has placed these unlikely friends into our lives because we're suppose to learn something from them. What a concept, huh? I would like to think that sometimes it's just because we're suppose to be a blessing in their lives. And if you've ever encountered that situation you know that's never a one-sided proposition. The blessings freely flow onto you as well.

So I guess it's not really such a mystery afterall....I wonder if that's where the old adage comes from?... Never judge a book by its cover.

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