Friday, February 5, 2010

Time spent with animals is added to your life.....

This is printed on a plaque and displayed in my living room. Our daughter gave it to me during a two week period that I spent many hours a day holding & comforting our dear rat, Attie. The vet told us that she wouldn’t last more than a day or two. (so much for the insights from a vet degree, huh?) The cancer was too bad. She told me she wasn’t in pain and advised me to take her home & shower her with all her favorites. So I sat with her in my lap, hand feeding her scrambled eggs & baby food.
Last night a friend of ours lost her cat Niko. He’d been battling diabetes for 7 years but thanks to the dedication of his human mom & daily insulin shots, had a wonderful quality of life... Until recently when he was diagnosed with other organ failure & probable cancer. The fact that he did so well during that time is a true testament of her dedication. But this is a success story as Niko lived to be 20 years old!! How awesome is that?!
Our friend made the comment that she wasn’t ready for this. She hadn’t gotten to spend enough time with him. Isn’t that a curious thing? This cat was 20 years old, afterall.... How often do you hear that spoken about people? To be honest, I never have.
I wonder if it’s because animals are so dependant on us for their well being? And if we give it whole heartedly, you just can’t help but to also be whole heartedly emotionally invested. Of course there is also that unconditional love that you get from a pet...and don’t be misled, you get can get that from a dog, cat, rat or aardvark....(Well, not sure about the aardvark, but I once encounterd a lady who had no idea you could have the same incredible connection with a cat as with a dog!!) I for one, have a much deeper connection on some levels, than I do with people...I’m sorry, I do....I can’t help it.
But as all these different thoughts swirl around in my brain, I’d like to share my pure joy...In January we passed the two year mark of our kitty, Scout’s diabetic remission!!! Woo hoo! For the year prior to that she too was getting twice daily insulin shots. I remember thinking when she was first diagnosed, if I can only get her to her 12th birthday! Oh, the nights I lost sleep trying to figure out how to work with a vet that wouldn’t work with me. All the while fearing that I’d put my beloved cat into hypo or hyperglycemic shock! So, not only did I change her diet in hopes of naturally controlling her diabetes, I changed vets too!! And within a couple brief months she was in remission. Our new vet told me that happens in like 1 in 500!! (or was it one in 50? I can't remember!) REALLY?! Well thank you God! Scout turned 14 this past August...waaay beyond my meager expectations! And do I care that she's decided her new favorite place to sleep is on my dresser? Maybe for a second, to be honest...but I figure, I'm so glad to have her still that I don't care where she sleeps!! LOL

I think any of us that have unselfishly given to our pets...come on, you know who you are! The ones that clean up puke from the carpet two or three times a day, give insulin shots, to giving IV's to keep them hydrated, we all deserve a pat on the back. And I'd like to think that there's extra kudos in heaven for us folks. There's going to be a special room there for us to share our stories! (much like us mothers that compare labor pains) LOL

And if anyone is wondering, with the time I’ve spent doctoring ducks that had their webbing bit by a snapping turtle, to a cat that needed it’s leg irrigated through a hole left in it’s leg due to infection from a cat fight, to a dog that had major leg surgery with recovery time of 6 months, to rats with cancer, to diabetic cats with insulin shots, I figure I should live to be about 150! LOL

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