Monday, February 22, 2010

The Magic of Ordinary Days

Anyone that lives in Western Pa, knows that it has been a very long winter. With the ridiculous amounts of snow we've gotten & also living back in the woods, I have found myself unable to 'get out' for days on end. I'm not one to succumb to depression by gloomy days (be it rain or snow) as a rule. As a matter of fact, I usually enjoy it, treating myself to scented candles, some music and my favorite hobby, scrapbooking.

But I was taken by surprise this past weekend. (I love when that happens!)

I'd returned from the chiropractor, walking rather gingerly with a hip that's been giving me problems. Before I curled up in bed with the heating pad I wanted to check my email. With my back to the window, I heard an excited knocking. I slowly & gently turned to see what the commotion was. There was my husband motioning for me to hurry & come to the window. Bundled up like a mountain man, I could still see him beaming from ear to ear. I wondered, what in the world did he do now! He is also forever showing me his latest discovery that he knows I'd enjoy. (baby birds, baby turtles etc)

With just a tad of annoyance at trying to move fast enough for his taste, I looked out the window....bless his heart...He always does something like this when I need it most!! I told him I'd grab the camera and he said oh it's not camera worthy, and I said yes it is! Although briefly it was disappointing that you couldn't see the heart and the 'U' clearly that he had walked out in the snow, we were pleased that it was because of shadows. Yes, shadows...who'd have thought that too could bring pleasure to us, cause with shadows you have SUNSHINE! And it's been a long time in coming!! I however kept the warm fuzzies of his thoughtfulness all day.

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