Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Malcolm's memorial stone

I didn't want anyone to think that I'd forgotten a memorial stone for Malcolm. I had a delay waiting for dry weather. Even at that, I felt hurried as I painted. This time of year the little area in our woods designated for our furry loved ones, is overgrown with beautiful ferns, like the one you can almost see at the top of the picture. There I am squatted down on my mat with my basket of colors, intently painting but constantly hearing branches breaking and things crunching. I was so afraid that I'd look up to find myself nose to nose with a bear! But now it's done and I do feel a sense of closure now that I didn't have before.
Our 'rat room' is quiet now when we go in to the computer. My eyes automatically go to their corner imagining I see them again. And sometimes at night I still think I hear them in their cage. Stephen & I miss them greatly. There's just nothing like them.