Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another year older...

I'm 48 today. What can I say, I dread my birthday almost as much as Stephen does...but in a different way...I can't really put a finger on it though..I tend to get a bit depressed and introspective. Gee that's a surprise, huh? Add to that that I had to make a trip to the DMV to have a photo taken for my driver's license and I thought to myself, this is going to set the pace for my day. LOL. But the wait was minimal...and then it slowly improved in spite of myself. But not in the ways you'd think. There's no elaborate party with friends surprising me nor gifts. We've never even 'done' that birthday thing between any of us. Not to mention, really I only have 2 close friends that still live around these parts. Although I've heard from some on facebook ,e-cards & a couple regular cards.

Stephen took me to dinner last night at Red Lobster. He's going to be working his 10 hour shifts this week, so we did that a day early.

First off I got a phone call at 9 am from a dear friend in TX we call Uncle Steve. He's the same age as us but to differentiate between him & Stephen we call him Uncle Steve. What a dear guy...He never fails sending a hysterical card (this time it shows old women in various pics cutting their fingernails & toenails then the caption that reads "I said I wanted Male Strippers NOT Nail Clippers!" )and then calling on the phone of which we are horrible at. But he will never know how much that means to us!!

After the DMV, I treated myself to McDonalds. I had a coupon for a FREE iced coffee which was great..An added bonus while I was there was helping someone else. I watched a man very shakily take his tray over to the drink counter. I was ready to hop up if he needed assistance as I'd already seen the empty glass fall over once. I wrestled briefly wondering if he would be embarrassed that I noticed and if I should step in at all. He did ok but I kept watching. As he picked up the tray with the full glass, I knew there was going to be a spill as the glass tottered. I immediately went over to him and asked if I could be of assistance. He looked up me with such surprise at my offer that I wondered if he could speak....I then asked could I carry your tray for you? With such relief he said yes, I would appreciate that, at which point I asked him where he'd like to sit...He then told me that he had Parkinsons and that it use to only be in one hand but now it was in two. I asked if there was anything else he needed assistance with and he said no...He thanked me again, I told him you're very welcome & I hoped he'd have a good day.....I finished my lunch and as I went to leave he yelled out to me with such sincerety, Thank you! at which I replied You are very welcome. Anyway that was really the highlight of my day! And it just dawned on me that I know why it touched me so (aside from the fact that I think I made his day too!)...shame on me for dreading my birthday when I am so fortunate to be healthy!
On the way home I heard two songs that I love and haven't heard in a long time...Raspberry Beret by Prince and Kyrie by Mr. Mister (did I ever tell you about my low threshold for excitement? LOL)....
Then I get home and had Janie, Rori and Hallie singing to me on the answering machine and this pic in an email..(They are in Kansas right now with some of Jason's family and they'd gone to the zoo which Hal knows I love zoos & flamingoes!)
Oh and the sun is shining. Ü

Tell me WHAT could be better?!