Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't forget to stop and smell the tulips!

The other day I took the camera out to get a picture of our tulips that had just bloomed. I had to do so quickly not only because it was windy but also because we have a big white dog that has yet to learn not to run through them! But I was reminded of a simple saying when I watched Zoey running around the yard. She was doing 'her job' of ridding the grass of bunny m & m's, sniffing the wood stacks, snapping at bees and picking up killer sticks yet when I approached the tulips she muscled past me so SHE could smell the flowers first! And it wasn't a fast sniff either, it was a lingering, savoring sniff. It made me chuckle out loud as I snapped the picture. Regardless of our 'job' and we all have extremely full schedules, we need to remind ourselves to stop and savor the beauty around us! Thanks Zoey!

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