Monday, April 6, 2009

Catch up...

I got alot of things done this weekend, but each time I'd go outside to do something I'd find myself wondering over to where we have Nigel buried. It's a nice little area amongst the trees. As we get some of the sprouts & brush out of there we're getting flat slate that's on the property to make a little sitting area. Stephen placed a huge slate in the middle covering "the spot". It just looked so plain though like something was missing. Sooo, I painted it. It took some time to get it the way I wanted it...well the planning I started to paint outside in the air my paint dried so fast that any mistakes I made would have to stay that way. There was no going back...But I was pleased with the way it turned out and I felt some closure I didn't have before. (oh and just in case you can't make out the blue,yellow and orange lettering says "Lover of Blueberries, sitting on shoulders and back massages") You might also be able to make out some little rat footprints scurrying across it....

Another thing this weekend was getting a trunk that my dad was refinishing for me. It was an old thing that I had fond memories of from the bedroom I used up at our camp. As a little kid I remember putting my suitcase on it, using it as a play area for my dolls or having a tea party on it. It had certainly seen better days though.

My dad did a beautiful job though. Course what doesn't he do well? I supplied some of the paint and bought the roll of wallpaper that was used on the inside. Then he worked his magic transforming it. He even placed a little 'plaque' on the inside of the lid stating when and who refinished it...Now it has a spot in our living room....I love it!!

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