Friday, March 6, 2009

Unexpected gift....

You just never know when your going to brighten someones day. Even when it may be something 'simple' in your own mind it could mean a great deal to someone else. Case in point, my sister-in-law has added purse making to her repertoire (she's a gifted sewer) and my mother-in-law tells me one of the first things she said after making her first one was that she wanted to make one for me. Ahhh shucks....

Well today I got my creation. I am so excited!

It has ladybugs, little mice, tulips, all things that many of you know I love plus other beautiful squares. It is eclectic just like me. It makes me happy just looking at it! I couldn't very well hide my giddiness & they probably thought I was a bit crazy (nah, they're family and they know I'm alittle different anyway.That's the beauty of it cause they love me anyway!)...I did however explain that I had a low threshold for excitement...hey, that suits me just fine. I'm a happy camper.


  1. It's beautiful! I know I LOVE mine too! It makes me smile everytime I grab it to go out the door! :)