Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HaPpY BiRThDaY, StEpHeN!

Ok, so I mentioned it to a couple people that March 9th was Stephen's 49th birthday. What's the harm in that? I was to find out later......First he did get his traditional hysterical card from a dear friend in Texas. How he always remembers our birthdays is beyond me and he's a guy to boot! Puts us ladies to shame.

Of course our daughter remembered, giving Stephen a genuine smile when he opened the shirt she sent...The real tickler was what she made with the girls for him. A banner that we can hang on the wall (and will, let there be no doubt!) of the girls holding each of the letters to spell out Happy Birthday...It is so delightful and will make us smile everytime we walk past it!

I also tried to have something nice for dinner...the day before when he was off work I made him prime rib (couldn't risk him being late coming from work for that meal!) but last night I tried a new recipe. Not hard at all but it looked impressive and tasted great!

Then later in the evening he gets an e-card from a friend. There was dancing mice and a catchy tune played by a mariachi band. Stephen really enjoyed that one...a little too much I think...He let that thing replay at LEAST 20 minutes if not longer...I know it was in retaliation!! LOL He told the friend later he wanted me to enjoy the fruits of telling anyone it was his birthday. Hmmmm, I seem to remember him & Hallie putting my picture in the town newspaper in MO when I turned 40...you know that inspiring poem, Lordy Lordy look who's 40? Ah-huh, he better watch out...he turns 50 next year!! Ü

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  1. So glad he liked the banner! The dinner looked yummy! Wish we could have been there!