Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spare time...haha!

I've had numerous people mention to me about all the spare time I have now that my parents are moved and have the old house sold. I find this to be very humorous. We finally closed on the house Feb 6th but things didn't immediately calm down. Then we had dad's truck to trade in on a Subaru Forester, talking my mom into getting a lift chair and my continuing to get things settled in their new place.....Oh and might I add the 3 days I spent more at their house than mine! LOL (even one stayover)....Let's just say, all the alarms have now been tested on a frequent basis, and all the bugs have been worked out of the emergency security systems as well....Also be aware that when you have a new house with a very tight sealing garage door, you have to be sure that the door is up the whole way before starting your car. Otherwise, about an hour after you close the door, the fumes build up and set off the carbon monoxide sensors and the smoke alarms!! Nuff said?

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