Monday, January 5, 2009

My word is my bond. Is it yours?

My first attempt at blogging (although I've had journals off & on for years) will be nothing more than venting of a pet peeve. I've had the opportunity to witness firsthand the moral decline of people's word. Whatever happened to 'my word is my bond'? Whether or not it has 'I promise' in front of the sentence is inconsequential. (ie. I promise to meet you at 11:30...)
I have been diligently working at selling off things my parents no longer need. The bigger furniture has been left at their old house where there is the room to store it. I've advertised for people to pick it up there of course. This means I drive the 46 miles round trip to meet them there to do so. To make my trips count I schedule all the supposed pickups at the same date I've had one out of four actually show up!
In the past week I've succumbed to one sob story which amounted to my dad & I loading a bed at the old house and bringing it to their new house (remember the 46 miles roundtrip?) where the lady could pick it up the next morning....After getting it up here we set up a time for pick up. "No problem", she says... The next morning, she says 'Can you deliver it?" (which is another 25 miles round trip) "Uh no, I don't think so", I say. A short time later, she says circumstances have changed and she backs out of the deal all together! So much for going out of our way to help someone out. I mean, all this for a $15 bed!
So the next person that wants the bed says "I get paid on Wed. and I'll call with what time I can pick it up"...Great! I this point it's now being stored in the back of dad's truck as they don't have storage room at the new place. The lady knows how it came to be in there and she promises me, "I won't let you down"....Well, Wednesday comes and goes of course with no phone call. 5 days later I email her to see if she still wants it and she briefly explains about a sister being the hospital & she didn't have my number with her blah, blah, blah.....and she'll call on Monday about pickup...I am still waiting on that phone call.
Then there's the people that didn't show up at the old house to pick up the other bed...She says, 'apparantly you didn't get the email stating I was trying to find someone with a truck etc. " Well, it's funny that I've gotten all her other emails except this one. Meanwhile she had my phone number that she could've called BEFORE I made the trip down there!!! SO, I give her the benefit of all doubt and we set up another day & time to meet down there....she's a no show!!!!!!! AGAIN!
The thing is, as human beings there are occassions when we change our minds on a subject. But don't tell me one thing assuring me of your sincerity and then blindsiding me (perhaps me even waiting somewhere for you to show up) just because you didn't have the ethics, the backbone or whatever you'd like to call it, to let me know you changed your mind. I'm thinking that this could quite possibly been born out of pure laziness on their part to follow through. Sure I might be hurt/annoyed/frustrated initially at the change of plans but to leave me standing there wastes my time, energy & gas money as though I don't matter at all. It adds insult to injury!
To me really this kind of behavior is nothing better than just a lie. I think as the words are coming out of their mouths they have no plans of actually following through. How many times has someone said I'll give you a call and you know as they say it that you won't hear from them? And you know one of the worst things about it all? being the trusting soul I am believe them and give them the benefit of the doubt!! Shame on me, I know....but I am learning as many people have pointed out that we live by a "higher code" if you me it's a very simple premise though....although we fall short of our own expectations at times we still constantly strive to do our best and to treat others as we would like them to treat us.

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