Friday, January 30, 2009

What a week!

I figured it'd be easier to just blog this rather than rehashing things in emails...
We have nothing to complain about but I am glad that this week is about over. Nothing much has gone as planned. We finally got the clarification at 10am today about my parent's house closing and it's been postponed til next week.(it had been set up for 1 this afternoon) One appraisal letter hasn't been received and it's holding everything up....Yesterday was spent at the house with my dad. The radon people were there doing their thing and the heating people doing theirs (cleaning the old boiler etc) which cost us twice what was anticipated and then of course the people that were coming for the last pieces of furniture. One of which was bigger than they thought so they didn't take that. UGH...Meanwhile dad and I were pacing through an empty house for quite a few hours. I'd taken cards, mags etc, but once the table was picked up it wasn't near as fun.
When I got home I made a quick run to the chiro for a lower back issue so I'd feel better for the company we were to get this weekend. Afterwards although I had relief I was achy.
Then get the call from Stephen's brother (his wife & 5 kids that were to be coming from Ohio this weekend) that they had been without power for 3 days and it had just come back on but they weren't too sure if it was going to stay on, plus there is threat of more stuff coming our way, so they've had to cancel. Not to mention he broke his arm this week as well!!! We are disappointed but after the week we've had, it's ok though. Stephen needed some time off work anyway.
We've also felt the sting of learning of the passing of an old friend that was 91 yrs old in MO, the 12th anniversary of the loss of Stephen's dad, and my mother-in-law's current husband being in congestive heart failure. Hallie has also had an emotional 3 weeks over a little dog that showed up at their house (there's a link to her blog on mine , chronicling the events although she's not been able to write about the latest yet) Of course when your children hurt you hurt too!
It's been quite a week!
So I am hoping for a quieter weekend!

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